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The Information Age

In Musings on April 15, 2010 at 12:03 am

I just want you all to know I’m sitting at a red light right now on Lincoln blvd. My past life must have been sometime in the 19th century because I am fucking amazed. Everything from apps to the barcode scanning mobile phones amazes me, I’m flipping out. I’m just now grappling with facebook apps, twitter apps, blog apps, social media, and whether or not to stop at Pinkberry amidst all this traffic, its just so much stuff.

It all started with twitter. I was on twitter at work and this tiny link on the side read “Twitter for Blackberry!” And then I tried to download the facebook app and somehow I stumbled upon this blackberry app world and now I’ve got Pandora and some top cocktail app and yes ok facebook too. Its insane. My grandkids will think this old school, but if this is old school, I’m really not sure hoe much more dazzle my dizzied brain can take.

While I’m here and updating though, I may as well say be ready to see my first author interview with U.L. Harper. I’ll be posting it on my examiner site, and one day on when that’s set up. I got .80 cents in one day on that thing, just yesterday, I’ll have you know. I’m going to start getting my act together. I’m moving out soon, so I’ll be more inclined to think I’ve got some good free time to sit and write without my heart beating on the walls of my chest like a hungry child.

Still going strong with the history book. 100 or so pgs left if you can believe it. More later.