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Maria Lucia’s “Liberation”: Welcome to Andrusia

I’ve never been a huge fan of fantasy fiction, but Maria Lucia’s Liberation did keep me absorbed for the better part of the past two weeks. At 234 pages, it should have taken me about a week. Maybe two days. But I’m a slow reader, and I’ll admit a shameless one at that.

Liberation is Book One in the Andrusian Chronicles, a series marking the adventures of a wondrous world entitled Andrusia, and its space-traveling inhabitants, who eventually discover a tiny, blue, seed of a planet called Earth. The tale follows a spiritual teacher living in the Smokey Mountains named Amora Madre, and her soul mate Gabriel Ephraim, as they fight to restore liberty and democracy in the U.S. from an evil, supernatural syndicate with its tentacles firmly gripped on the Capitol.

With no recollection of their previous lives in Andrusia, Gabriel and Amora arrive on earth unknowingly possessing telepathic and prophetic capabilities. As they age, they’re predetermined paths inevitably cross, and, recognizing an undeniable connection with one another, Gabriel and Amora eventually realize they are soul mates.

A sudden calling to Washington D.C. later shakes the world at their feet. They are approached by a powerful Intergalactic Supernatural Intelligence Agency who tasks them with their purpose since birth: to prevent two evil spirits in a Dark Syndicate from instilling war, pain, torture, and hunger on earth. Accompanied by invisible childhood friends Casey and Nia, whom we come to discover are very powerful entities called Onaweyans, Amora and Gabriel correspond with the ISIA and experience multiple encounters with the syndicate through dreams and time travel in an attempt to restore peace to Earth.

Accompanied by invisible childhood friends Casey and Nia, whom we come to discover are very powerful entities called Onaweyans, Amora and Gabriel correspond with the ISIA and experience multiple encounters with the syndicate through dreams and time travel.

Lucia takes turning points in American history like the signing of the Declaration of Independence and both world wars, and spins them so their circumstances are really the culmination of centuries of malicious planning by dark forces, rather than years of dogged compromise. With the tears and bloodshed that already define America’s history, in Liberation Lucia incorporates the element of the supernatural to explain away hostile takeovers and decades of sweeping warfare. In this sense, Lucia’s world opens up the door for possibility, that the scarred world as we know it may not be the result of our wrongdoing, but of the damnation of otherworldly forces, which makes for a highly engaging read. As with all fantasy fiction, Lucia creates a portal for us to step through, another dimension other than our own, which is always welcome at the outset of any read.

It wasn’t hard to take the plunge into Lucia’s world. While the remainder of Lucia’s series will no doubt be enchanting, at times I felt lost on Amora’s awareness of her standing in the spirit world. She begins as the storyteller and naturally segues into the plot after losing her memory and touching down on Earth from Andrusia. As the story threads on, and events in the spirit world begin to call to her more strongly, it became a bit foggy as to whether or not she remembered her previous life. There were moments when she had visions that seemed to imply she was aware of something bigger in her past, and even as the novel wore on she seemed to recall certain people like Guardian Mother and Mawari, the presidents of ISIA. But as the battle between worlds drew closer, it seemed she and Gabriel grew more and more puzzled as to why they were being tasked with the great purpose of protecting America. Even after they’re supernatural abilities had long made it clear they weren’t like other human beings, and Amora had gained powerful insight into horrible future events.

But the story itself can stand on its own. Likening the novel to James Cameron’s Avatar, Lucia creates a divine, loving spirit world so unlike our own you can’t help but wish it were real.

Liberation can be found on Amazon, and she’s currently on a virtual book tour where you can catch interviews  with Maria Lucia on several different blogs including As the Pages Turn. You can also read a great press release on her novel at PR Web.

  1. Hi Monique! I just settled down long enough to do all of my e-mails. I wanted to thank you for the review. I also wanted to ask you if I could have a copy of it? and give you credit of course.
    My blog tour has been a trip…so many great sites! Thanks for being part of it.

    Maria Lucia

  2. Hi Maria,
    No problem! I had a great time reviewing it. I will send it to you via email. Keep up the writing, best of luck on the book tour! 🙂


  3. Thanks Monique for your review and helping to promote Maria on her virtual book tour.

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