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Heartbroken Promises 2

Heartbroken Promises 2 is Sherry Shumard’s second novel in the Heartbroken series, and she’s currently working on the third. An ever-moving, topsy-turvy read that has readers sympathizing for the character of Vicky Wainright till the very end, Shumard delivers a story with relatable characters and passion so thick…well, let’s just say knives wouldn’t do the job.

For Vicky Wainright,  a young, inexperienced nurse left in her new brother-in-law’s island beach house  while her sister honeymoons in a secret location, her plight begins when she meets and falls for the frail waiter of the house, Noah.

A bit thin with soft hands, but a fantastic cook, Noah gives young Vicky a tour of the island, falling faster for her than he ever thought possible. As their relationship blooms, the steamy, muscular Jordan Jamison, brother of Jake, her brother-in-law, arrives in his boat to offer Vicky a job as a nanny for his son, Derrick. After a little contemplation, Vicky decides to quit her job as a nurse, and move to the island permanently to work as Jordan’s nanny, much to Noah’s dismay.

As the novel unfolds, Vicky must come to terms with the fact that Jordan’s son Derrick was the result of an affair between him and Jake’s past fiancee, Emily, some time ago, which lies at the core of Noah’s overall distrust for Jordan. After what seems like a mere day of working for Jake’s suave, well-endowed brother, he and Vicky find themselves wrapped up in one another, ready to fall in love.

As Vicky entertains thoughts of her future with Jordan, all at once she finds herself kidnapped, rescued, and pregnant with Noah’s son, leaving more than a few tears on her part. At this point Jordan proposes, and her sister Miranda, who has returned unexpectedly from her honeymoon, informs Vicky that Noah may have had a large part in her kidnapping. After briefly considering abortion, Vicky quits both men, and decides to keep the baby, with a relatively optimistic outlook on life.

While the plight of young Vicky becomes exponentially worse, keeping the reader reading, so to speak, some potentially telling aspects of the novel are glossed over. When Vicky decides to move to the island permanently, there’s a good chance her work as a nurse would have been more difficult to leave behind. Also, Shumard  leaves out the gut-wrenching frenzy that follows after discovering a child is missing, in this case little Derrick, who was left alone when Vicky was kidnapped, and gone when she was recovered. A  slightly redeeming factor is the mention of Jordan hiring a private investigator, but on the whole, Derrick’s disappearance doesn’t seem to be weigh too heavily on the minds of either of the characters, and the mystery remains unsolved by the end.

Time is an interesting element in the novel as well, because it can lead the reader one of two ways: they’ll either enjoy the speck of time it takes for Jordan and Noah to fall in love with Vicky, or the often unrealistic time gaps will fall to the wayside.  Either they’ll appreciate how quickly Vicky agrees to sleep with Noah and her pregnancy thereafter, or they won’t. Fiction, and story telling in general, offers a lot of leeway when it comes to time lapse, and if Shumard’s aim was to keep the drama coming, moving along at a faster pace so as not to bore the reader, she definitely pulled it off.

By far the most intriguing aspect of the novel was the drama. Romance novels are chock full of it, and what kind of romance story doesn’t have a good steamy love scene, a pregnancy that leaves people torn and undecided, and a potential for a sequel?

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  1. Thanks to One Book Bum. I think that you did a fantastic job of reviewing and describing what happens in the book. I was excited when I read the review. I’ll have to try to keep the passion and ups and downs going in my third novel. Thanks again.

    Sherry D. Shumard
    Author of Heartbroken Promises 2

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