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Freshly Baked

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2010 at 6:39 am

Get your freshly baked thoughts, here! Hot, fresh, and full of fat. Yes indeed these thoughts are custard-filled and dripping with cynicism. I found out that Stephen King’s editor died, whats-her-name, and didn’t write about it. So guess who did? Someone from, someone ELSE. My story! Too lazy to write! And look what happens, someone steals your thunder. Actually, I witnessed someone else put in the ground today, or almost, and you know what? It was a sham. This is what happens when you let talent (and cents, sense) slip away from you. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you.


On the Move

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2010 at 4:23 pm

I doubt I have a good following yet, but in case anyone were worried, panicked, scared, or in a fit of chaos, I haven’t gone anywhere. Far. That almost seems to sum up my life until this point. But to get right to it, I’ve moved. Moving is one of those aching sores that only seem to heal with time and lots and lots of alcohol, rubbing and distilled. Suffice to say I’ve just about finished. The desk and computer are up, the internet is at a decent speed, and perhaps the greatest perk of all is that no one can bother me. Don’t bother me.

SO! Up to date. I’m steadily working on some more book reviews in the next couple months. I have three books, no, four books I’m going to be reviewing on the site by August. One of them is one that I’ve picked out, the others have been assigned. My leisure book of the…well, you might call it book of the month since it’s taken me as long to read, is The Echo Maker by Richard Powers. Powers’s writing style kind of mimics Stephen King’s in a way, but I won’t say more than that because this is an update.

I’m going to be working on my site, finally! Let’s just say a whole new kind of bum is emerging that’s going to work on her bummish tendencies. I’ve decided that since the site is entitled “book bum”, everything is going to be strictly bummish. Not extraordinarily literary per se. It’s going to be a site for bums who like to read, instead of frolicking in the thicket of  video game chords or blogging about their own personal discomfort. The reviews are going to be short. Here they’ll be long winded, because it’s a book blog and yeah ok it makes sense. But I want to branch out and try something different. The book bum site is going to be quirky and I wish I had more time to talk about it. I’m actually running a little late. I’ve got 13 hours of work ahead of me, so some of this stuff I’ll be working on late into the night. As of right now, I’m on the move.

Don’t Know Much About History

In Uncategorized on March 28, 2010 at 12:43 am

I’m reading a dry, mildly stimulating  book entitled “Don’t Know Much About History”, which always brings to mind that annoying “Wonderful World” song by Sam Cooke, and I feel a little silly reading it. Especially since the title itself is broadcasting to anyone who stumbles upon you reading it that you’re a stup. I’m wishing badly that I didn’t have the pet peeve of starting books and seeing them through no matter what, because that’s the reason I’m not putting it down for “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, which as been taunting me on my desk for about a month now.

Although, I have gotten some praise for the history book. I got my hair done the other day and while my brains were frying under the dryer in a head wrapped up in foil, I pulled it out and the hair dresser thought I was smart. “Look at you reading that history book. Is it for a class?” No, actually. I’m just dumb and doing something about it. And I have to admit, dry as it is, I’m learning a lot, and I could probably hold a small conversation about it, if asked. It’s funny how we remember things. Like, everything I’ve read about so far is like a little short film in my head. The Civil War? A mini Gone with the Wind chapter in my head. American Revolution? Lots of blue guys running around on horseback with guns and white hair. I’m just saying, that’s how it sticks.

I started out this year vowing that I’d read at least a book a week. It worked out for the first four or five weeks, but then I read this mind stuffer and I’m only on page three hundred and somthing and it’s been a month. Maybe a month and a half. I’m craving the fiction bad. But I can’t move on until I’ve finished it, I won’t budge. I made a committment and I’m sticking to it. Right now I’m on the WWI section, and it’s getting a lot more interesting. The man is a good writer too, his name is Kenneth C. Davis. The back cover of the book has a little review that says his storytelling resembles the best history teacher you ever had. And while it’s good and not too confusing, that’s a bit of a stretch. On the one hand, I’ve never really had a good history teacher, and on the other, sometimes he’ll say things without explaining them. You’re writing a book for people who don’t know about history right? Explain!

Anyway, you can see the books I’ve read and my progress on this one in my goodreads account. I’m thinking of reading Infinite Jest next. But that’ll take me a year at the rate of I’ve been going. I’m working two jobs now, so by the end of the day around 10:30pm, I just want my wine and a good movie. I read a little the other night after work and got through a whole paragraph before falling asleep, so that’s out of the question. I just can’t wait to get a steady, 9 to 5 job and bum around on the weekends, reading and writing and memorizing the dictionary.